Better Project Management using the Big Idea Toolkit

The Problem with Project Management

Better Project Management with the Big Idea Toolkit - Delightability, LLC.Making an impact in your organization means being involved in projects and programs.   Being part of a project might be rewarding but it is also fraught with frustrations that are usually shared across the team.

Spreadsheets, Project Management Tools, Checklists, Templates, and Meetings have all become staples of modern project management.

But, with new communication tools, distributed teams, and the push to do more with less, we sometimes get lost in the tools and  are unable to see the big picture, and fail to have productive conversations.  The result is projects are late, they fail to delight the customers they were intended for, the experience is lackluster for those involved,  and there is much finger pointing and unhappiness.  That’s the old way.

A Better Way of Managing Projects

A better way is to use the Big Idea Toolkit, a large format visual planning system that helps teams to:  capture ideas, get better organized, and ensure execution.

The different elements of the toolkit help high performance teams to: understand the situation,  make  the customer come alive, get to a common big picture, provide a space for ideas, identify and reduce blind spots  that impact the customer’s experience, and create shared and individual priorities and status tied to an agreed upon and visible execution plan.

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Better Project Management using the Big Idea Toolkit - Delightability, LLC.

About Us

Like you we get ideas. We are all idea people. The Big Idea Toolkit was born out of our recognition that people have ideas but get stuck at all stages of bringing those ideas to life. We hope you find this toolkit and site gives you a nudge, a process to follow, and inspiration to make your ideas a reality. Thank you to our clients who told us - "You guys should make this a product available to others." We are Delightability, LLC and we believe if you Delight Customers - Success will Follow. more..


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