Comparing Wall Planner Calendars and the PlayBook

the PlayBook Compaison

We’ve all been there, Office Depot, Staples, Amazon, our admin’s cubicle if we’re so lucky to have one.  Choices, choices – which wall planner or calendar do I go with this year?  Well, if you’re like most people we’ve interviewed you need something different.  We’ve designed the PlayBook to be just that – a calendar that is also a work surface and visual communications tool.  We use the PlayBook and think you should too!  It’s more than a calendar, its a PlayBook that gives you what you need:

  • Brightens your every week with colorful sticky notes – Your PlayBook can be as colorful as you are.
  • Accommodates changing priorities and deliverables – Your PlayBook uses sticky notes that can be easily moved.  No need to erase – just grab another stick note.
  • Shows visible progress – Your PlayBook shows a week by week view of which activities or deliverables are due.
  • Shows events and milestones – Your PlayBook gives you an annual view so you can see upcoming milestones and events at a glance.
  • Gives you sufficient space to write – Your PlayBook uses 3 x 3 inch sticky notes to maximize writing space.
  • Encourages participation – Your PlayBook can be shared among a team on a wall or rolled up to go wherever you meet next.

Don’t settle for an old fashioned wall planner
when you can use the PlayBook

comparison of wall planner calendar and the PlayBook from the Big Idea Toolkit - Delightability, LLC.

$54.99 – 24″ x 44″ large format visual planning calendar PlayBook

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