Feedback and Learning

Daily Flight Plan to Boost Personal Productivity

image of daily flight plan for delighting customersUse this daily flight plan to improve your personal velocity and maximize your impact while delighting customers.  Place it over your mouse pad, in your notebook, or on your desk to record your top actions, capture ideas and sketch as needed.  Includes guiding principles, a 3 month weekly calendar and icons to remind you of the 3 legged stool, 3 funnels, and touch points.  To learn more about those items read the original article or the book, The Experience Design BLUEPRINT: Recipes for Creating Happier Customers and Healthier Organizations.

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Project | Meeting | Event – Debrief

Project Meeting Event Debrief from Delightability LLCUse this 4 block debrief form to gain new insights and make improvements.  Suggestion:  Have each team member complete this individually, then take turns sharing.  It is sometimes useful to collate all of the findings to reflect on later or share with others.  Click here or the image to download the PDF version.  Price = FREE





Start | Stop | Continue – Review

Start Stop Continue Review - Delightability LLCThe Start Stop Continue review will capture different types of feedback than the 4 block debrief above.  You can use the Start Stop Continue review at a project level among all participants but, you can also use it to share feedback at an individual level.  There are a few guiding principles and ground rules for using the Start – Stop – Continue:

  1. Recognize that there are 2 types of feedback – positive and developmental.  We all know positive but development are those improvements to be made.
  2. Feedback is just that… feedback.  It isn’t a prescription and it needn’t be true or even followed.  But it could be both.
  3. When receiving feedback, there isn’t any interruptions or defense.  Simply listen and then it is fair to ask a clarifying questions afterwards.
  4. Thank the person for the feedback.

Click here or the image to download the PDF version.  Price = FREE


the Game Plan

the Game Plan -Delightability LLCNot only can you use the Game Plan in planning your events, launches, campaigns, etc., but you can also use it as a debrief tool to uncover what you might do better at next time.  By using the Game Plan you will automatically Raise the Bar since it forces you to cover the 4 Levers of the Experience and also span the 3 Time Zones (before, during, after) as well.  See the Game Plan for more information.   Click here or the image to see an example of a team that used the Game Plan to Raise the Bar for a fundraising dinner.  See also the Blog Post – Eliminate Last Minute Surprises at Your Next Event.  The Game Plan is included in the Big Idea Toolkit but is also available to purchase separately.


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