Keys? Got it. Phone? Got it. 4-Square Personal Action Plan? Yes, Got that too!

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No doubt you’ve experienced that naked just left the house without your pants feeling. “Wait, no I have my pants on. Oh yeah – I forgot my keys and where did I put my phone?”

When you don’t get important stuff done in your life and time passes you by, you similarly suffer. Even worse, you effect others around you. When you are a slouch, important things remain undone. You feel unproductive and fill your time with whatever, no matter its impact or quality. Stop that!

If you want to lead a more productive life and reduce the stress and expense of living randomly then use the 4-Square Personal Action plan.

Once you begin using the 4-Square Personal Action plan you’ll breathe a little easier, reduce stress, and positively contribute to those important things in your life, whatever they may be. You will find that you’ll have even more time to pick up the new sport, volunteer at that nonprofit, play music, visit friends, or write that book that’s been brewing in your mind.

Example 4-Square Personal Action plan from the Big Idea Toolkit - Delightability, LLC.The 4-Square Personal Action plan is a free download. It is part of the Big Idea Toolkit but we’ve made it available to you whether or not you use the entire toolkit.
Using it can save you time, money, gas, relationships, and get you closer to where you want to go, no matter where that is.

Having your weekly todos (deliverables) visible will help to ensure they are top of mind and actually get accomplished. Your brain wants to see things and your inner emotional elephant is motivated when you make visible progress. That is why we feel good when we check things off the todo list.

When we see our “to do” list transform into a “to done” list is motivating and serves as fuel to get even more done. So print out your 4-Square, whether or not you’re using the entire toolkit and begin the highly productive habit of creating the weekly 4-Square Personal Action plan and reviewing it daily. Take it with you, review it often, and get more important stuff done. Oh yeah, one more thing… please remember your keys.

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Do you Have an Idea Worth Laughing At?

The list is long of ideas that people laughed at.  Some were small and some were noteworthy game changers that we can’t imagine living without today.  Whether you have a game changing idea or a little idea that could make your own corner of the world just a little bit better, it won’t take flight if you don’t take action.

Whether, you use the entire Big Idea Toolkit, the PlayGround or an idea tattoo on your face to remind you daily, you should dust off your idea and get going. Interesting thing about your brain and motivation – once you begin, it easier to keep going.

Recording sound, Flight, Rockefeller Center, Cotton Gin,  Steamboat, Chocolate Bars, Gourmet Cupcakes, Coffee Experience, Groupon, Car Sharing, Drunks Delivered, Craigslist, Your Idea?

If the list doesn’t inspire you hopefully this song does, or at least entertains you.

Reach for the moon or the top shelf but reach for something.

Ella & Louis – They All Laughed (1957)


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You are 30 days from a Better You

We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit. – Aristotle

habit practice sheet from the Big Idea Toolkit - Delightability, LLC.

Pick it!  It doesn’t really matter, weight loss,  more books read, conversations had, blog posts written, friends contacted, miles biked, states traveled.   No matter what your trying to do more of your brain will react favorably to repetition.  Pretty soon, your newly sought habit will be programmed into your brain like your morning cup of coffee.

It turns out it take about 30 days of repeated activity for you brain to establish a new habit.  So what are you waiting for?  Get going on whatever it is you wish to do.  As a starter you might have a daily PlayBook review to make sure you personal and professional affairs are in order.  Download and print the free 30 day practice sheet to help yourself or somebody you care about.

Your emotional brain likes to be rewarded so at day 15 and day 30 reward yourself for staying on track.  At the end of 30 days, it won’t be so hard to continue.    Click here or the the image to download the PDF.

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Helping Others through a Change Initiative

Helping Others through a Change Initiative - Excite and Enroll others with the Big Picture and Positive EmotionThe old thinking has it that you need to create a burning platform to get others to change.  You know, “this oil rig is on fire and we must jump together or die.”  That thinking is inspired by a true story.  But we like more modern thinking, like that proposed by Robyn Waters the mastermind behind getting Target to be a brand cognizant of good design.  Being a master of positive emotions, she helped others to find the feeling of what was possible.  She made product comparisons to colorful iMac computers and Paris boutiques that knew how to arrange clothing to suit buyers senses and emotions.

If you are leading others through change you will be more successful if you help others to see the Big Picture and then help them to remain true to the plan that unfolds.  Not surprisingly, we successfully use these tools in change efforts and think you can too.  Read more about Robyn Waters  and Target on page 123 of Switch: How to Change Things When Change is Hard.

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