Why HR Needs the Big Idea Toolkit

Some people and organizations are very good at generating ideas, prioritizing the good over the bad, then flawlessly executing to give those ideas life in the real world.  But, most people struggle whether the idea is a campaign, product launch, change initiative, shift in sales strategy, or finding what’s next before somebody else does.

We’ve developed the Big Idea Toolkit to change the conversation, reduce biases, tap employee’s empathy, and leverage the way our brains do their most innovative work.  The 7 components of the Big Idea Toolkit include:  the PlayGround, the Situation, the Audience, the Big Picture, the Game Plan, the PlayBook, and the 4-Square Personal Action plan.the Big Idea Toolkit - How it Works - from Delightability, LLC.

As an HR professional you may be concerned with:

  • Strategy – the toolkit can help to sharpen an existing strategy or build a new one
  • Execution – the PlayBook is calendarized to help teams achieve excellence in execution
  • Higher Performing Teams – the Big Picture and Game Plan get team members on the same page & the 4-Square Personal Action Plan sharpens the focus for every individual
  • Change Management – employees more readily embrace change when they see the Big Picture and have the necessary tools to make a contribution toward realizing the new destination
  • Employee Engagement –  all Employees can add ideas to the PlayGround and easily engage in a business that clearly communicates its execution priorities in the PlayBook
  • Innovation Culture – sometimes its about ideas, sometimes its about execution.  The toolkit reduces confusion between the two and give employees a straightforward method and toolkit to context shift and advance ideas to make an impact
  • Leadership Development – the toolkit enables leaders at all levels of the organization, irrespective of title and tenure
  • Bias and Silo Reduction – the Situation and the Audience help to make the customer come alive inside the organization, a natural forcing function to bridge silos and tap employees’ natural empathy
  • Customer Centricity – the Game Plan leverages the 4 Levers and 3 Time Zones of Customer experience, to make sure the customer’s experience is top of mind

Questions to ask yourself…

  1. What are the tools we use now to enable authentic dialogue?
  2. If I surveyed my employees would they feel they have adequate tools?
  3. Is it worth the $199 investment?

The standard Big Idea Toolkit is under $200.  That is probably the least expensive, highest impact investment you can make in your team leaders.  Buy one, run an experiment and when it works well, get more to enable more teams.

About Us

Like you we get ideas. We are all idea people. The Big Idea Toolkit was born out of our recognition that people have ideas but get stuck at all stages of bringing those ideas to life. We hope you find this toolkit and site gives you a nudge, a process to follow, and inspiration to make your ideas a reality. Thank you to our clients who told us - "You guys should make this a product available to others." We are Delightability, LLC and we believe if you Delight Customers - Success will Follow. more..


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