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Greg Olson – Business Coach, Consultant and Author

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Greg Olson DelightabilityI founded Delightability with the hopes of changing the world. One project, one client, one service at a time. I am a life long learner, curious by nature, and I believe that landfills could be less full of junk and our bellies and minds more full of delight.

Greg Olson Delightability skydiving point of no returnMy experiences span marketing, sales, engineering, services, and operations in companies large and small and in-between. I have served as an adviser, entrepreneur, executive, consultant and individual contributor. While my formal education is about technology and business my informal eduction is about humans and how they think and interact with the world. I see greater potential for individuals, organizations, and even nations to do better for all of us. I write about innovation culture, experience design, and unlocking human potential.

greg olson delightability enchantments shadow picI enjoy networking with interesting people, thinking about the possibilities, and writing where I can invent all possible worlds, free of constraints and restrictions. Enough about me. Lets hear about you – call, write, text, or email.

Greg Hill – Customer Strategist

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Pursue your passion and you’ll never work a day in your life. Seems like good advice, although it doesn’t pay the mortgage. Like most of you, I’ve had a career of doing the impossible driven by passion. I’ve also experienced days when you couldn’t pay me enough. For me, the difference between the two extremes is not caused by the failures that are a natural part of doing something hard, but by the unnecessary barriers that the organization builds that need to torn down before you move forward.

Today, I continue to pursue organizational success, but also have a passion to make the journey more rewarding for all involved. When I’m not obsessing about customers and strategy, I can be found sculpting Bonsai or touring in my 1958 Austin-Healey.

About Us

Like you we get ideas. We are all idea people. The Big Idea Toolkit was born out of our recognition that people have ideas but get stuck at all stages of bringing those ideas to life. We hope you find this toolkit and site gives you a nudge, a process to follow, and inspiration to make your ideas a reality. Thank you to our clients who told us - "You guys should make this a product available to others." We are Delightability, LLC and we believe if you Delight Customers - Success will Follow. more..


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