Keys. Phone. 4-Square.

The 4-Square Personal Action plan is your weekly guide for getting stuff done. The week will march on with or without you. Having your deliverables visible will help to ensure they are top of mind and actually get accomplished. Funny thing about the way our brain works – we like to visually see our tasks and as important we like to see things get checked off on a list. It is motivating and serves as fuel to get even more done. So print out your 4-Square, whether or not you’re using the entire toolkit and begin the highly productive habit of creating the 4-Square weekly and reviewing it daily. Read the blog post about using a habit practice sheet to establish new habits  (free download).

4 blocker examplePersonalize Each Header

The 4-Square Personal action plan is… well… personal. It is as unique as you are. Customize each header to represent what your priorities are in your life. This can of course change over time. Some people use the header for all work or all personal life but we recommend a combination. After all, your mouth, your car, and your phone are used for both, so why not your 4-Square. In time you’ll see the 4-Square Personal Action Plan as a critical element that helps you keep track of and execute on your shifting priorities over time.  A colleague used this with his entire family.  His headers were… “for me”, “for my family”, “for my career”, “for my community”.   At Delightability we’ve had a variety of clients all of whom uniquely shape their 4-Square headers.  One non-profit used: “Governance”, “Management & Culture”, “Resources & Financial Management”, “Programs & Administrative Systems.”

guiding-principles-for-4-Square Personal Action Plan from the Big Idea Toolkit - Delightability, LLC.Personal Assistant Included. Meet Your Guiding Principles.

Unlike the calendar on your phone or computer or your day planner, the 4-Square Personal Action Plan is singularly focused on helping you get done what you say you want to get done each week. The guiding principals are there to remind you. They fit to your life and the other components of the Big Idea Toolkit. Read the guiding principals to receive that friendly nudge, the reminder, the free coach that is everywhere that you are.

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Like you we get ideas. We are all idea people. The Big Idea Toolkit was born out of our recognition that people have ideas but get stuck at all stages of bringing those ideas to life. We hope you find this toolkit and site gives you a nudge, a process to follow, and inspiration to make your ideas a reality. Thank you to our clients who told us - "You guys should make this a product available to others." We are Delightability, LLC and we believe if you Delight Customers - Success will Follow. more..


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