the PlayGround from the Big Idea Toolkit - Delightability, LLC.Bigger is Better for your Brain.

The PlayGround is a 20 x 30 inch print that can be fixed to the wall or rolled up and transported.  Part of the Big Idea Toolkit it is also available separately.  The large format makes it easy to not feel lost.  Now your aimless, wandering sticky note ideas have a place to live.  Get Big.  Get the Game Plan.


sticky note example for PlayGround from the Big Idea Toolkit - Delightability, LLC.Compatible with Sticky Notes. Compatible with Life.

The PlayGround is the place to stow your ideas.  You already capture ideas in notebooks,  in emails and text messages, in voice mails, and even store some in your head.  But if your going to actually do something with those ideas you need to get them in your PlayGround.  Capture your ideas in the PlayGround one sticky note at a time.  No special training needed.  You’ve used a sticky note before, right? It’s that simple.

Guiding Principles for the PlayGround from the Big Idea Toolkit - Delightability, LLC.Free Coach Included.  Meet Your Guiding Principles.

Unlike the wall planner or calendar you purchased last year, and the year before, and the year before that, the PlayGround (and each of the other components of the Big Idea Toolkit) provides you with guiding principles.  That nudge, the reminder, the coach inside the room that you don’t pay for.


About Us

Like you we get ideas. We are all idea people. The Big Idea Toolkit was born out of our recognition that people have ideas but get stuck at all stages of bringing those ideas to life. We hope you find this toolkit and site gives you a nudge, a process to follow, and inspiration to make your ideas a reality. Thank you to our clients who told us - "You guys should make this a product available to others." We are Delightability, LLC and we believe if you Delight Customers - Success will Follow. more..


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