Event PlannersEntrepreneurs, Organizers, Innovators, Project & Team Leaders, Small Business Owners, Human Resources Professionals, Sales Leaders, Product Marketers and others involved in Non-Profits, Business, and Government benefit from using the Big Idea Toolkit.

Below are some scenarios for the Big Idea Toolkit.  See also the ReviewsBusiness coaching services, or the Big Idea Workshop.

 …Getting Organized

I am an Organizer. This Big Idea Tool Kit has great components. I could immediately see how it helps groups of people organize the vision, the tasks and the outcome to projects. The great thing is that I could see how it would organize an individual, too. Our lives are
projects, with many different facets of what we want to achieve and what we need to achieve. Terrific set of tools!

Jenny Simons, Clear Space

…Event Planning.

I was planning a 50th Wedding Anniversary Party and was a little overwhelmed.  The Big Idea Toolkit helped my brothers and sisters and I to create a great experience for the guests of honor as well as their friends and family.   None of us are event planners,  but people remarked on how they thought we were.  See how to use the Big Idea Toolkit for better event planning and execution.

…or to Increase  Innovation.

Getting all of my employees to contribute innovative ideas was a challenge before we established the PlayGround.  Now we have sporadic contributions being made by more than just me, the CEO.  We now have regular reviews to advance ideas from the PlayGround and also to review status of the PlayBook.

…or to Flesh out a Plan.

By using the Big Picture and the PlayBook from the Big Idea Toolkit I was able to have a more productive brainstorming meeting around creating a sponsor plan for our upcoming fundraising dinner.   We each walked away with an understanding of what were trying to do, the steps to get there and who was signed up to perform each task.  I just wish I had this earlier, when I was doing all of my MBA team projects.  They would have went smoother and the outcome would have been higher quality.

…or to Communicate the Business Plan.

I already had one successful business but saw an unrelated need and decided to start a seasonal business to fill that void.  Getting my nephew involved to run the new business required that I communicate the plan to him.  Trouble was I didn’t have anything written down.  The Big Idea Toolkit served as my lightweight business plan and worked quickly to get him on board and get some quick wins.

…or to Explore Requirements around a new Initiative.

I ‘ve been a small business owner for years and my assistant and I have struggled to master our client relationships and workflow.  CRM systems seem to big and disjointed from how we actually work – notebooks, client face to face meetings, phone calls. etc.  I’m interested in using the Big Idea Toolkit to flesh out our exact requirements so we can source what we need.  It is time.

…or to Better Manage a Project.

As a project management professional I use various tools that are required by my company.  But until the Big Idea Toolkit I didn’t have a way to get people on the same page or factor in our Audience.  I now supplement what I already use and have better conversations with our team using the Big Picture and the Audience.  It’s now easier to enroll others and get alignment on what we’re doing.  See how to use the Big Idea Toolkit for Better Project Management.

…or to Have Better Conversations with your Agency or Consultant.

As a marketing manager in a mid-sized business, I don’t have a ton of resources.  So, we use agencies and specialized consultants.  But, it seems that many times we are dealing with inexperienced or unprepared people.  I’m sure there are more experienced people in the back trenches but we don’t always see them.  I’m going to use the Big Idea Toolkit and ask them to as well so that we can quickly get on the same page around our customers, campaigns and projects.

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